Here’s What To Do If You Break a Tooth

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Breaking a tooth can be scary because you never know what might happen next. Will you lose that tooth altogether, or will you develop an infection? The uncertainty is palpable, but you can keep the situation under control when you follow the right steps and contact our emergency dentists at Made Ya Smile Dental Sienna Plantation of Missouri City, TX to fix your broken tooth and prevent further harm or loss.

You may not be able to reach our office right away, so here are a few things you can do with your broken tooth in the meantime to preserve the dental structure and prevent possible harm.

Rinse your mouth

Start by rinsing out your mouth with warm water to clean the area where the break occurred. Rinsing helps clear blood, dirt, and anything else in the way, plus it can remove any pieces of your tooth that have broken off but were stuck. Be sure when rinsing your mouth that you don’t do it near any drains, as you’ll need to check and see if there are any bits of your tooth left from the rinse.

Keep your tooth in its place if it is loose but has not pulled all the way out from the socket. You can do more harm to the tooth if you tried to remove it yourself, as it can trigger bleeding and increase your risk of infection.

Keep the bleeding under control

Sometimes a tooth break can trigger bleeding, as the root structure or part of your gums could experience damage that harms your nearby blood vessels. Use gauze or a clean towel over the bleeding site and apply pressure immediately to stop the bleeding. Do not scrub the area, as doing so will be painful and could make the bleeding worse.

Protect the tooth

Our dentists at Made Ya Smile Dental Sienna Plantation will have an easier time managing your broken tooth if you have as much of the original structure intact. Be sure to take whatever pieces of your tooth you have and rinse them off while then submerging it in saline or milk. You can also use clean water if you don’t have either of those two items. Do not touch the root structure, as doing so may harm the tooth altogether.

What will we do for your tooth?

You can trust our team approach at Made Ya Smile when looking for a talented professional who can help resolve your broken tooth. We can conduct a digital x-ray to review the location and severity of your break, and then we will provide a suitable solution based on your needs. Sometimes a filling can work, but a crown may also be necessary if too much of the structure has broken off. A dental implant can also work if you have to replace a tooth altogether, although our first goal will be to preserve your natural dental structure.

Contact us today if you need emergency dental care in Missouri City, TX

You can contact us at Made Ya Smile Dental Sienna Plantation of Missouri City, TX if you have a broken tooth. Our emergency dental service can check your tooth and find a suitable treatment plan that works for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our office on Highway 6 near the Sienna Plantation neighborhood of Missouri City.

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