This Is Why Filling In Lost Teeth Is Necessary For Your Dental Health

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Filling in missing teeth is important for your oral and overall wellness, even if you've experienced tooth loss for some time or are soon receiving a tooth removal. The skilled team of dental practitioners at Made Ya Smile Sienna Plantation, TX work to restore lost teeth for patients and talk to every man and woman (and, occasionally, kids) to decide the ideal method of tooth replacement. Our team hopes that this blog provides some insight into the necessity of replacing gaps in between the teeth. We advise Missouri City, TX residents to call our staff to learn more about their restoration options.

Tooth loss is a serious oral wellness issue and could influence adults and children of any age. A few of the most common reasons for tooth loss in Missouri City, TX patients comprise:

  • Oral or physical injury
  • Injuries from physical activity
  • Unplanned circumstances
  • Major dental caries
  • Advanced periodontal disease
  • Serious tooth deterioration
  • Broken tooth roots
  • Difficult tooth abscesses
  • Planned tooth extractions

Being without just one tooth may cause a wide range of oral health issues, challenges, and later problems. Replacing a tooth after an extraction or losing a tooth is necessary for numerous reasons. Potentially the scariest part of losing a tooth, at least at the beginning, is the effect it may have on the appearance of your teeth. It's important to remember that teeth serve more purposes than to be the focal point of your smile; they also allow for normal mouth function. Aside from enabling comfortable oral alignment, teeth also preserve the shape of the cheeks, lips, and chin. Missing teeth can cause the cheeks to appear hollow, which can make an individual look older than they really are.

If one tooth is missing, the neighboring teeth can naturally maneuver toward the gap. These types of alterations in tooth positioning can substantially impact the way the top and bottom teeth come together when biting and chewing. An uneven bite could cause a range of conditions, like dental tenderness, jaw joint issues, gum recession, and compromised enamel, along with others. Every one of the changes that affect the mouth and oral wellness can influence a patient’s capability of enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Missing teeth might also have a negative psychological effect. For a large number of Missouri City, TX people, having missing teeth may have a significant impact on how they feel about their smiles. Tooth replacement provided by a team of highly qualified oral care professionals, like those at Made Ya Smile Sienna Plantation, TX, can help patients feel good about the way they look and their dental wellness.

At Made Ya Smile Sienna Plantation, TX, the skilled team is thrilled to offer high-quality, cost-effective appliances (such as dentures, implant-based solutions, and bridges) for tooth substitution. A single appliance crafted from two or more crowns that are pieced together, dental bridges work to take the place of one to several missing teeth from a neighboring part of the mouth. However, dental implants can replace missing teeth in any number and comprise a titanium screw that fuses with the jawbone. A customized appliance, such as a bridge, crown, or complete denture, is then put on top of the screw. Implants are known because of their long-term perks and the stable support they provide for tooth replacement. Similar to dental implants, dentures could also replace a few lost teeth or the upper or lower arch; the only difference is that dentures can be removed. Partial dentures are used in the event that there are teeth still present in an arch, while full dentures help individuals address the complete loss of top or bottom teeth.

Filling in lost teeth, whatever the cause of your tooth loss, is critical for the visual appeal of your smile, dental health, and total wellness. No matter how long you've had missing teeth, or whether you're in need of a tooth extraction, the professionals at Made Ya Smile Sienna Plantation, TX are excited to offer efficient options to help you overcome tooth loss. To discover more information about partial or full dentures, dental implants, and detachable or implant-retained crowns, contact our talented dentists in Missouri City, TX and book your appointment.

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