Start the School Year Off Right With a Fresh Dental Cleaning

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The new school year is coming, giving kids of all ages an opportunity to be with their friends and peers again. Every kid deserves a chance to look and feel their best as the new school year starts. One way you can get your kids ready for the coming school season is to take them to the dentist for a thorough dental exam and cleaning. Our dentists at Made Ya Smile Dental Sienna Plantation of Missouri City, TX are here to provide dental exams for kids of all ages.

We recommend bringing your child to our office in Missouri City every six months for a complete dental exam and cleaning. During the exam, we will review your child’s teeth for cavities, oral injuries, and other concerns.

What Makes Dental Cleaning Important For Your Kids?

Every child needs a thorough dental cleaning every six months to keep their teeth healthy and strong. Professional cleaning helps get rid of any build-up around your child’s teeth. Tartar is a hardened form of dental plaque that can protect oral bacteria. The bacteria can turn sugar into acid, which can produce cavities and lead to gum disease.

Our team approach at Made Ya Smile can help review your child’s teeth and gums and clean off the tartar to keep bacteria from spreading and sticking around. Proper cleaning is necessary for protecting your child’s teeth and ensuring healthy development.

What Happens During a Dental Cleaning?

We recommend a dental cleaning for your child every six months to protect the teeth and keep them safe. Here are some steps over what we can do during the cleaning:

  1. A dentist will use a vibrating device to help break up the tartar on the teeth.

  2. A scaler will go over the teeth to scrape off the tartar that builds up. Tartar cannot be easily cleaned off by brushing, so a scaler will be necessary.

  3. The dentist will use a water jet to rinse off the teeth after clearing the tartar.

  4. The teeth are then polished with an abrasive paste. Polishing makes it harder for plaque to build up before your next cleaning, plus it can help clear some surface stains.

  5. A dentist will then check the teeth to find cavities and other signs of decay.

  6. The gums are also inspected to review how their pockets feel and if there is any redness or inflammation.

  7. The soft tissues around the mouth are then checked to identify possible signs of oral cancer. We can provide a recommendation to a specialist who can treat oral cancer if we spot anything concerning. Early intervention is critical in preventing oral cancer from becoming worse.

Schedule an appointment for a dental cleaning today!

You can trust our dentists at Made Ya Smile Sienna Plantation of Missouri City if you’re looking for back-to-school teeth cleaning for your child. We are excited to provide complete and thorough cleaning and exam services for kids of all ages to help them look and feel their best as the new school season starts.

You can contact us online to schedule an appointment for service. We are open on weekdays, including until seven in the evening on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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