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Made Ya Smile Sienna Plantation, TX provides comprehensive dental services to help our patients maintain and achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. Through general, cosmetic, restorative, periodontal, and endodontic treatments, our team is able to curate customized treatment plans for each patient’s unique needs and goals. Whether you are needing a simple dental cleaning or a full-mouth reconstruction, our Missouri City, TX dental team is here to help. With treatments for patients of all ages, we are able to provide optimal care for every member of the family. Learn more about the many treatments we offer by browsing the complete list of our services or contact our office to schedule your initial consultation.

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Annual dental examinations allow us to catch issues such as cavities early before they develop into more serious problems requiring extensive care.

Low-radiation digital x-rays are a safe, effective method of seeing any potential dental issues below the surface of the gums, such as bone loss.

3D oral scans produce a 360-degree view of your teeth and mouth so our Missouri City, TX dentists can identify issues and create a plan for treatment.

Patients should visit the dentist twice a year for a professional teeth cleaning to clear away plaque, tartar, and bacteria that could cause decay.

Minimize the risk of tooth decay using dental sealants, a thin material that sits over the molars and premolars to protect the teeth from plaque.

Introducing fluoride treatments in children and adults can help protect your oral health by preventing cavities, tooth decay, and other issues.

Extractions are beneficial for patients with teeth damaged beyond repair, to remove baby teeth, or to aid in different orthodontic treatment plans.

Night guards are worn over biting surfaces while sleeping to keep your teeth from rubbing against each other, protecting your teeth from damage.

Mouth guards reduce the risk of damage to the teeth in adults and children who play contact and non-contact sports, such as football and soccer.

If you experience an injury to the mouth or teeth resulting in damage, call our dentist in Missouri City, TX to schedule an emergency appointment.

A full-mouth reconstruction is a custom comprehensive treatment plan to address the appearance, restorative needs, and oral function of your teeth.

Tooth-colored fillings can fix minor to moderate damage such as fractured or chipped teeth while blending in perfectly with the rest of your smile.

Restore a tooth back to its original size, appearance, and shape with dental crowns. These are excellent for teeth that have suffered decay or damage.

If you have one or more gaps in your teeth, dental bridges can help prevent the shifting of surrounding teeth and other changes to your overall bite.

Dental implants integrate with the jawbone, allowing you to have bridges, crowns, dentures, and other restorations in our Missouri City, TX clinic.

Personalized to fit your jaw structure and replace missing teeth, dentures are partial or full removable restorations that offer a natural appearance.

Rejuvenate your appearance with a smile makeover, either a single dental procedure or a series of treatments designed to improve your oral health.

Porcelain veneers are a minimally invasive procedure in our Missouri City, TX clinic that corrects small imperfections for a brighter, even grin.

Lumineers are made from a thinner material than porcelain veneers and do not require a lot of preparation or the removal of tooth enamel to place.

Inlays and onlays help strengthen and rebuild natural teeth that are decayed, broken, or otherwise damaged to help improve your overall oral health.

Zoom! laser teeth whitening and home teeth whitening kits are available in Missouri City, TX to help enhance your smile quickly and efficiently.

Dental bonding and contouring is an effective procedure for fixing small chips on the front teeth, spaces between teeth, and areas of discoloration.

Correct misalignment and straighten your teeth in Missouri City, TX with the trusted Invisalign aligner system as an alternative to metal braces.

Due to advanced dental technology, traditional metal braces are lighter and more comfortable than ever to straighten your smile for better alignment.

Gum (periodontal) disease is an issue that threatens the health of the gums, teeth, and jawbone. Schedule a screening if you believe you are at risk.

If you have swollen, red, bleeding, or inflamed gums, periodontal treatment from an expert can restore your gums and teeth back to excellent health.

To treat the periodontitis stage of gum disease, a nonsurgical procedure called scaling and root treatment (SRP) can bring your teeth to health.

A receding gumline can likely develop tooth damage or decay. Gum grafting uses tissue from the mouth or another source to replenish lost gum tissue.

Gum contouring is a great restorative or cosmetic procedure option for patients if you have a disproportionate amount of gum tissue around the teeth.

Thanks to advancements in dental technology throughout the years, root canal therapy by our dentist in Missouri City, TX has vastly improved.

We may recommend an endodontic retreatment procedure for teeth that exhibit signs of infection after a root canal therapy has already been performed.

Patients who feel mildly anxious or nervous about visiting the dentist can use nitrous oxide sedation, or laughing gas, to help feel more comfortable.

Take the worry out of dental visits with oral-conscious sedation, a helpful option that allows people with a more moderate fear to feel more at ease.

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