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Gain a brighter, more youthful appearance with the use of at-home teeth whitening kits with help from the experts at Made Ya Smile. Dr. Tuan (Anthony) Ly and his team provide these professional-grade kits for convenient home applications. They're custom-made, simple to use, and can eliminate surface-level stains from beverages such as coffee and tea. Patients don't always get the results they want from drugstore whitening gels and pastes, causing you to waste time, money, and resources. Instead, we use a prescription-strength gel and personalized trays for a gradual, noticeable change. Our kits can be used as part of a complete smile makeover plan or as a single treatment so you can have a smile you want to show off. When you are ready for a better solution to whiten your teeth, contact our clinic in Missouri City, TX for a consultation. 

Best Candidates

Perfect candidates for at-home whitening kits have teeth that are discolored due to staining food and beverages and have found over-the-counter options to be ineffective at brightening their smile. Dr. Ly personalizes the kits according to each patient, which is why we will ask you questions about your dental goals and what you plan to get out of the treatment. Along with our advanced dental technology and tools, this winning approach by Made Ya Smile could help you whiten your teeth by several shades. 

What to Expect

When you receive a take-home whitening kit from Made Ya Smile, you will get custom-fit mouth trays and a prescription-strength whitening gel. When you arrive at our clinic for a custom consultation, our staff will first examine your teeth to determine they are healthy and free from cavities, decay, and other issues that may affect the whitening process. Patients often get the best results with a dental cleaning prior to the process, as the removal of plaque and tartar may prevent the solution from working effectively. Based on your starting shade, Dr. Ly will determine the strength of the gel that best fits your situation. We then make the personalized trays by taking impressions of your lower and upper arches. They are created at our Missouri City, TX location so you can take home the kit right away. We will teach you how to use the solution, when to wear the trays, and how to clean them after each use. 


The best part about using take-home kits is that patients get to control their individual results based on how frequently the solution is applied. While results may vary based on your beginning shade, Dr. Ly and his team recommend avoiding dark-colored foods and staining beverages while you are undergoing the process. Smoking or consuming tobacco products may also affect the final outcome of the treatment. We encourage you to brush and floss as necessary with regular cleanings to keep your results as long-lasting as possible. You can also touch up your smile as needed by simply visiting our office in Missouri, TX for additional gel. 

Insurance Coverage

Since teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure, dental insurance plans may not cover your personalized kit. Made Ya Smile does offer a range of simple payment options so you can improve your smile and your confidence easily at home. This includes financing through CareCredit® with low- or no-interest payments. Our staff will review the costs with you before your treatment to make sure any procedures performed are within your budget.

Home Teeth Whitening

At Made Ya Smile, you receive teeth whitening products from an expert dentist, which means you get the tools you need for brighter, healthier-looking teeth. Now you can whiten your smile at home conveniently and get rid of stained, yellow, or dull teeth with Dr. Ly from his clinic at Made Ya Smile. Learn if our professional take-home whitening kits are the right decision for you in Missouri City, TX by calling our practice for an appointment. 

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