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What Are Lumineers?

Some patients who want a brighter, more beautiful smile may not get the results they want through traditional porcelain veneers. Lumineers® have become the new standard in veneers, instantly giving you a more aesthetic look by covering a range of imperfections such as chipped or slightly crooked teeth. Our dentist at Made Ya Smile has extensive training in placing Lumineers as a cosmetic procedure with little-to-no preparation time, especially since they do not require the removal of tooth enamel. Lumineers are made of very thin shells of high-quality porcelain, measuring about 0.2mm in thickness (about the same as a contact lens). This treatment also offers durability and translucency to match the color of your teeth to match your cosmetic goals. Contact our team in Missouri City, TX to schedule an appointment and learn about the many benefits yourself.

What Is the Benefit of Lumineers?

Lumineers is a great noninvasive treatment for improving cosmetic issues on the teeth. Many of our Sienna Plantation, TX patients prefer Lumineers teeth veneers over dental crowns and traditional porcelain veneers for a variety of reasons. If you're looking for ultra-thin veneers near you, see some of the benefits below.

  • Virtually no recovery
  • Results that last up to 20 years when cared for properly with a regular oral hygiene routine
  • Mask yellow teeth
  • Improves gaps and/or misalignments without braces

Who Is a Candidate for Lumineers?

Lumineers are an excellent custom treatment for patients who want to hide one or more small imperfections when they smile. This includes chipped teeth, uneven biting edges, slight gaps in the teeth, or teeth that are stained, misshapen, or discolored due to genetics or medication. Typically, these ultra-thin veneers are placed in pairs or all across the smile zone. When you visit Made Ya Smile for your custom consultation, we can discuss your options and make sure the underlying tooth foundation and gums are strong enough for Lumineers. If you grind or clench your teeth at night, or if your bite is too misaligned, you risk causing damage to your teeth and Lumineers. Although this solution is sometimes called "instant orthodontics," it does not move the position of your teeth, so if you need to correct issues such as overbite or underbite, we will look into a more fitting orthodontic treatment. 

How Do Lumineers Work?

Lumineers require a quick, non-invasive process with very little preparation. Made Ya Smile will be able to place the Lumineers without numbing the area or reducing the amount of enamel on your teeth, unlike traditional porcelain veneers. First, our skilled team will take impressions of your teeth for our partner Lumineers laboratory, where they will be created, which usually takes about 1 – 2 weeks. Patients will not need a temporary restoration during this waiting period. Our dentist is experienced in designing the most ideal shape, size, and color of the Lumineers for a highly aesthetic result to meet your expectations. When you return for your next scheduled appointment, our team will permanently bond the veneers in place, making sure it fits comfortably. We will then give you special instructions for taking care of the restoration moving forward. 

How Can I Care for My Lumineers?

As soon as the Lumineers are attached to your teeth using a high-grade bonding solution, there is no recovery time, which means you can enjoy your new results right away. They are resistant to stains, durable, and seamlessly match the rest of your smile. Our team at Made Ya Smile instructs patients not to bite down on hard objects such as pens fingernails to protect the restorations from breaking or wearing down. Continue to keep up positive oral health habits such as daily brushing and flossing along with routine visits to our office for yearly exams and twice-yearly cleanings. During these appointments, our dentist will check the Lumineers to make sure they remain undamaged and make any adjustments as necessary. For most patients, Lumineers can last up to 20 years when taken care of properly at home.

Are Lumineers Covered by Dental Insurance?

As they are a cosmetic treatment, Lumineers are not typically covered by dental insurance. Before beginning any procedures, our financial or administrative team will present you with patient-financing options to make sure the treatment is affordable. We accept a range of payment options and can personalize your plan so you can reach your dental goals. If you have questions or concerns about benefits, coverage, and payment, reach out to Made Ya Smile. 

Lumineers FAQ

What is the difference between veneers and Lumineers?
Lumineers are made of a thin laminate material that is placed over your tooth, allowing your natural enamel to be preserved. Veneers are typically made of a thicker porcelain material. Lumineers are most commonly used to enhance your smile by improving imperfections like color and cracks.

Will my teeth decay under my Lumineers?
Your teeth should not decay under your Lumineers if you are maintaining a proper oral hygiene routine. Our Made Ya Smile dentists recommend flossing and brushing twice daily to keep your teeth in optimal oral health.

Can I whiten my Lumineers?
After your Lumineers have been bonded to your teeth, you cannot change or lighten their color. If you are interested in learning more about Lumineers for your teeth, please contact our Missouri City, TX office to schedule an appointment today.

Lumineers Veneers

It is possible to fix small imperfections without the use of complex orthodontic care. Ultra-thin Lumineers from our dentist require almost no preparation and give patients instant results. Made Ya Smile uses our years of experience and skill to design the right size, shape, and shade of your Lumineers for an all-natural look. Reach out to our friendly staff in Missouri City, TX for a custom consultation to see if these restorations are a perfect fit for you. 

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