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What Is Laser Teeth Whitening?

Over time, the enamel on our teeth may become dull, discolored, or stained by the consumption of tea, coffee, certain foods, and tobacco products. Our dentist and team at Made Ya Smile are excited to offer patients a fast and efficient way to minimize stains and discoloration through the Zoom! in-office whitening system. Laser teeth whitening is a popular option for individuals who want a vibrant, younger-looking smile by brightening the enamel with several shades. Best of all, this procedure is carried out in just one visit to our clinic. If you would like to refresh your smile with laser teeth whitening, reach out to the professionals at our facility to schedule an appointment in Missouri City, TX.

What is Home Teeth Whitening?

Our dentist and team provide these professional-grade kits for convenient home teeth whitening in Missouri City, TX. They're custom-made, simple to use, and can eliminate surface-level stains from beverages such as coffee and tea. Patients don't always get the results they want from drugstore whitening gels and pastes, causing you to waste time, money, and resources. Instead, we use a prescription-strength gel and personalized trays for a gradual, noticeable change. Our kits can be used as part of a complete smile makeover plan or as a single treatment so you can have a smile you want to show off. When you are ready for a better solution to whiten your teeth, contact our clinic for a consultation.

What Are the Benefits of Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening at Made Ya Smile is a simple and effective way to enhance your smile. While drugstore whitening kits may remove surface-level stains, our dentist recommended professional whitening gets deep in the teeth to reveal a pearly white glow. Some benefits of our Sienna Plantation, TX Philips Zoom teeth whitening treatments include:

  • Remove years worth of stain and discoloration
  • Whiten the teeth by several shades
  • Quick results
  • Noninvasive
  • Long-lasting results if proper care is maintained

Is Teeth Whitening Right for Me?

Laser teeth whitening in Missouri, TX, is an excellent option for adults or teenagers who want a visibly more attractive appearance. Made Ya Smile uses this treatment to lighten the shade of your enamel by dissolving the stains on the teeth, which could be performed as a single procedure or as part of a complete smile makeover. After a consultation, our team uses the whitening system to help you achieve your desired results. Teeth whitening may be right for you if your teeth are discolored due to:

  • Yellowed or aging enamel
  • Drinks such as coffee, tea, and red wine
  • Certain foods and spices
  • Tobacco products like cigarettes
  • Certain illnesses or prescribed medications
  • Fluorosis of the teeth
  • Poor or improper oral hygiene

For the best outcome possible, your teeth and gums should be healthy with no signs of decay or infection. Our dentist will assess your mouth and discuss your cosmetic goals so we can help you reach them. If you have restorations such as crowns or veneers in the smile zone, you should know that they will not change color as a result of the procedure. If you are undergoing a smile makeover, we will whiten the teeth and then afterward change any restorations to better blend in with the brighter shade of enamel.

What Can I Expect With Teeth Whitening?

When you receive a take-home whitening kit in Missouri City, TX, you will get custom-fit mouth trays and a prescription-strength whitening gel. When you arrive at our clinic for a custom consultation, our teeth whitening dentist in Missouri, TX, will first examine your teeth to determine if they are healthy and free from cavities, decay, and other issues that may affect the whitening process. Patients often get the best results with a dental cleaning prior to the process, as the removal of plaque and tartar may prevent the solution from working effectively. Based on your starting shade, our dentist will determine the strength of the gel that best fits your situation. We then make the personalized trays by taking impressions of your lower and upper arches. They are created at our Missouri City, TX, location so you can take home the kit right away. We will teach you how to use the solution, when to wear the trays, and how to clean them after each use.

The Zoom! in-office laser whitening procedure is performed at our clinic in Missouri City, TX, in one of our treatment rooms. The process takes about an hour and does not require a local anesthetic, but if you have a strong gag reflex, we can suggest a mild sedation option. Our team will begin by polishing your teeth to remove any debris or plaque that may interfere with your final results. After rinsing and drying your teeth, we will place a barrier to protect your gums from coming into contact with the gel. During the laser treatment, you will wear special glasses to shield your eyes from the laser. Once these preventive measures have been put into place, we will add the prescription-strength gel, position the laser in front of your mouth, then activate the solution. After a short time, 15 minutes, we remove and reapply the whitening gel and continue the same process 2 – 3 more times to get the best results. At the end of the treatment, we will rinse and dry your teeth a final time before removing the protective barriers.

How Can I Maintain My Teeth Whitening Results?

Our dentist and team will give you some follow-up instructions to help you maintain your results for as long as possible. You may experience some temperature sensitivity for a few days after the teeth whitening. Our staff will help you minimize sensitivity with a few tips and provide a list of food and beverages to avoid for at least two days — so you don't diminish the results. This includes tea, coffee, wine, soda, and tobacco products. Continue to brush and floss your teeth after meals and schedule routine visits with Made Ya Smile so we can polish surface stains and monitor your progress. We can also provide you with a custom take-home whitening kit for touch-ups at home.

Does Insurance Cover Teeth Whitening?

Standard dental insurance plans do not normally cover cosmetic or elective procedures such as teeth whitening. At Made Ya Smile, we will provide you with information about the final treatment costs and possible solutions for financing. Our staff will help you discover the right solution to meet both your needs and your budget. This includes in-house financing and third-party payment plans through our partner CareCredit®.

Teeth Whitening FAQ

Does in-office laser teeth whitening hurt?
Before your in-office teeth whitening treatment, our dental team will look at your teeth to figure out how sensitive they are. While the whitening treatment itself doesn't hurt, you might experience an increased sensitivity after your treatment.

Will whitening my teeth damage my enamel?
Our in-office and home whitening treatments are formulated with high-quality products. Our dental team works diligently to use state-of-the-art materials to ensure that your teeth won't suffer damage. Keep in mind, though, that it's important to have any necessary dental work completed before a whitening procedure is scheduled.

Are home teeth whitening trays hard to use?
Whitening your teeth at home with a professional kit is relatively easy to use and can offer visible results in 1 – 2 weeks.

A Brighter, Whiter Smile

Boost the cosmetic appeal of your smile with a convenient and effective treatment with teeth whitening. This solution is provided for our patients in Missouri City, TX, to create a younger-looking, brighter smile by eliminating discoloration and stains in the tooth enamel. Our team will work to transform your teeth. Schedule a convenient appointment at our location to learn more about whether teeth whitening is the best choice for you.

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