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What Are Tooth Extractions?

While the caring staff at Made Ya Smile makes every attempt to save and preserve your natural teeth, there are some situations that require a tooth extraction or dental removal. Our experienced dentist may recommend a tooth extraction in Missouri City, TX for patients who have dental issues such as bone loss, impacted teeth, or damaged teeth beyond repair. In children, we traditionally extract baby teeth as part of an overall orthodontic treatment plan. Our dentist is highly skilled at preserving the health of the mouth, teeth, and gums through simple and surgical tooth extraction at our clinic in Missouri City, TX. To learn more about this process or to reserve your next appointment for an extraction near you, reach out to Made Ya Smile.

Simple Vs. Surgical Tooth Extraction

To restore the health back to your smile, our team may remove your tooth through either a simple or surgical extraction. A simple procedure is implemented when a tooth is already erupted and can be removed with forceps without much effort. If the tooth is unerupted, broken at or under the gumline, or impacted, our dentist performs routine surgery to safely and efficiently remove it. To access the tooth, we will first make an incision in the gums. Because our staff takes a gentle approach to dental removal, we may break up the tooth into pieces to fully remove it. Made Ya Smile cares about the health and wellness of our patients and will make every effort to make sure you feel comfortable during the process. 

When Is a Tooth Extraction Needed?

Before we consider a tooth extraction in Missouri City, TX, Made Ya Smile will look at every possibility to save your tooth, including fillings, bridges, crowns, and other restorations. For broken, damaged, or decayed teeth that cannot be saved, our dentist may recommend an extraction to prevent the surrounding teeth from being affected. Children and teenagers may benefit from an extraction for future orthodontic care or to create more space for the eruption of future teeth. With our advanced training, we will be able to determine if a simple or surgical extraction is right for you in the following scenarios:

  • Infected or severely decayed, broken, or worn teeth
  • Advanced bone loss
  • Baby teeth that will not erupt
  • Removal for orthodontic treatment
  • Impacted wisdom teeth

What Happens During the Tooth Extraction Process?

Patients who tend to feel nervous or anxious about dental procedures can review some options for sedation at our clinic. On the day you're getting a tooth pulled near you, Made Ya Smile will give you a local anesthetic to numb the area to keep you feeling as comfortable as possible. Our dentist takes a conservative approach to extractions and takes precautions to make sure the other surrounding teeth are not affected using special dental tools. With our advanced training, we will decide whether we need to make an incision to access the tooth or break it down into smaller pieces to make the process easier. Made Ya Smile will then suture the extraction site and give you instructions about cleaning and caring for your teeth at home after the procedure. 

Recovery After a Tooth Extraction

Following the tooth extraction procedure, it's essential to carefully follow the instructions of our dentist and our dental staff so the area can heal properly. During this time, avoid drinking through a straw, spitting, or smoking, which can cause a dry socket. This occurs when the bone covering the clot becomes dislodged. If you experience swelling in the face or the jaw, a cold compress will be able to relieve the discomfort. Made Ya Smile may also prescribe antibiotics if the area was infected. Over-the-counter pain relievers can provide some relief during the recovery period. Contact our team immediately if you have severe pain, bleeding that doesn't stop, or other concerning issues. Our staff will schedule a follow-up appointment so we can track your healing progress. Continue to keep up with your oral health through regular brushing and flossing at home. 

Will Insurance Cover Tooth Extractions?

Whether you need a simple or surgical tooth extraction in Missouri City, TX, many dental insurance plans offer to cover your dental procedure. If you choose a sedation service at Made Ya Smile, this cost may not be covered. Our administrative team will confirm your benefits and any personal expenses that need to be paid out of cost. To give patients the quality care they need, we also offer several methods for payment, in-house financing, and interest-free solutions. 

Tooth Extraction FAQ

What can you eat and drink after tooth extraction in Missouri City, TX? 
After an extraction, we advise you to consume a liquid and soft food diet for at least three days after treatment. This includes yogurts, applesauce, smoothies, and more. You should avoid using straws, as the sucking motion sometimes can rip out stitches and cause unnecessary bleeding.

How long does it take to recover from a dental removal? 
Your recovery time is dependent on the health of your teeth and gums, in addition to how many teeth were removed. Typically, healing time will take anywhere from two weeks to a month. If you're wondering where to have a tooth pulled near you, reach out to our dental team.

Does a tooth extraction hurt? 
While you may be sore following your tooth extraction in Missouri City, TX, during the procedure, we do whatever we can to ensure that you are comfortable. This includes offering sedation while we slowly remove the tooth. You shouldn't feel any discomfort during this time. For more information on having an extraction near you, contact our team.

Gentle Tooth Removal

To move forward toward better oral health, patients sometimes require dental removal. While we do everything in our power to save your natural tooth, rest assured that an extraction can be the better option. If you have infected, damaged, or impacted teeth, contact our clinic in Missouri City, TX to schedule a consultation. At our full-service practice, our dentist and team can offer you natural-looking replacement options so your smile can look and feel great.

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