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What is Gum Graft Surgery?

There are several causes of a receding gumline, such as periodontal (gum) disease, tooth misalignment, or grinding and clenching (bruxim). All of these conditions can ultimately change the look and health of your smile. A receding gumline also puts your teeth at risk for other conditions, as the roots of the teeth become more exposed. At Made Ya Smile, our dentist can reduce your future risk of decay by offering gum grafting procedures at our clinic in Missouri City, TX. Gum grafting, also called gingival recession treatment, takes tissue from another area of your mouth to replenish the gum tissue. This helps reshape your gumline and eliminates the "long" appearance of the teeth. By covering the tooth roots, you can also return your gums back to health. If gum recession is affecting your smile, contact the team at Made Ya Smile to see if gum grafting is the right option for you.

Do I Need Gum Graft Surgery?

Gum disease is usually the source of a receding gumline, but this condition can also be caused by genetics, teeth grinding, misalignment, oral piercings, or an aggressive brushing or flossing technique at home. Unfortunately, this impacts your smile, causing discoloration at the gumline and giving your teeth a longer appearance. Patients with a receding gumline may also notice a sensitivity to temperature when they consume certain foods and beverages. A custom consultation with our dentist can help determine the best way to care for your teeth. In cases of gum recession, a gum grafting procedure could protect your tooth roots from damage and help your smile look and feel great.

How is Gum Graft Surgery Performed?

During a gum grafting procedure, our dentist can raise or lower your gumline by adding healthy gum tissue to the recessed areas and help your smile look more balanced. The gum tissue can be taken from a different area of your mouth or another source to protect the exposed roots. Made Ya Smile offers sedation dentistry along with a local anesthetic so you can be more at ease during the procedure. There are several types of gum grafting treatments, and our team will work to find the solution that best meets your dental goals. 

Connective Tissue Graft: This tissue is taken from the roof of the mouth, beneath the top layer of skin. This is one of the most common sources for gum tissue. 

Free Gingival Graft: Healthy tissue is also used from the roof of your mouth, but sourced from the top layer instead of the one beneath it.

Pedicle Gum Graft: This borrows tissue from an adjacent tooth with excess gum tissue. We create a flap around the tooth and stretch it to provide coverage.

While we prefer to use the tissue from your mouth, Made Ya Smile can also utilize samples from biocompatible donors or a synthetic material. Once the sample is in place, our dentist will integrate it into your gums by suturing the area. Rest assured that grafted gum tissue will match your existing gums once it heals properly. The treatment can be completed in one or several visits based on the extent of your condition. Our friendly team will also give you instructions for taking care of your gums and teeth at the end of the gum grafting procedure. 

How Long is the Recovery After Gum Surgery?

After the procedure, try not to eat or drink anything until the anesthetic wears off completely to avoid damage to the soft tissue. Made Ya Smile recommends keeping physical activity to a minimum for a few days so your mouth has time to heal. Cold compresses, nonprescription pain medication, and a soft food diet can help soothe any discomfort or tenderness you feel in your gums. Our dentist may prescribe patients a medicated mouth rinse to keep bacteria to a minimum while you recover. Over a short period, you will notice the gums fully integrating into the treatment sites. Continue to brush and floss your teeth daily while following our instructions for home care to make sure you get the best results. We will schedule a follow-up appointment after a few weeks so we can evaluate your progress and check your new gumline. 

Does Insurance Cover Gum Surgery?

Based on your individual plan, a gum grafting procedure may be covered by your dental health insurance. The team at Made Ya Smile takes most PPO plans and will try to make the most of your benefits, including filing claims on your behalf. Our staff wants patients to get the dental care they need, which is why those who have out-of-pocket expenses will be given several convenient ways to pay for treatment, including low-cost financing with CareCredit® plans. 

Treatment for Gum Recession

If you are showing signs of gum recession such as tooth sensitivity or a smile that looks or feels different than normal, contact the professionals at Made Ya Smile. Our dentist and team are experienced practitioners who can help you find the right solution with a gum grafting procedure. We can help by covering your exposed tooth roots and decreasing your risk for tooth damage or decay. Schedule a visit with us at our facility in Missouri City, TX for a custom assessment and get started on the process of revitalizing your smile for better oral health.

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