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What Are Dentures?

Losing one or more teeth can have a great impact on your confidence, oral function, and aesthetic appearance. To overcome this loss, our dentist offers permanent and temporary dentures made of top-quality materials to maintain your face shape and restore your ability to speak and eat. At Made Ya Smile, dentures are made to replace your missing teeth so you don't miss out on the benefits of a healthy, beautiful smile. Full dentures work with the entire upper or lower arch of the mouth and only need a small amount of adhesive to stay in place, while partial dentures use the remaining teeth to fill the gaps in your mouth. If you are missing teeth and would like to learn more about your options, contact our staff in Missouri, TX to schedule a custom consultation.

Should I Get Dentures?

Dentures today are lighter, stronger, and more comfortable than they ever have been. At Made Ya Smile, we use materials that mimic the appearance of natural teeth, whether you need partial or full dentures. Partial dentures may be the right option if you have healthy teeth that have the right foundation to support a denture. Full dentures are meant to replace an entire arch if the gum and bone are sufficient enough to sustain the restoration. At times, our dentist may recommend a partial or full denture with a set of dental implants. During your consultation, we will be able to present your options and choose the solution that fits your needs, requirements, and budget. 

How Do Dentures Work?

Made Ya Smile creates your dentures with high-quality materials by taking impressions of your arches, then sending these images to a professional dental laboratory. Made Ya Smile will determine if any teeth need to be extracted before we take these images. Afterward, our skilled staff will make a temporary denture to wear while the area heals and the permanent restoration can be fabricated. Depending on your needs, our dentist may make your custom denture with resin, metal, or acrylic material, while the replacement teeth have the correct size, shape, and color to match your appearance. Once the dentures have been made, we will schedule a return appointment to fit them and make sure they feel secure and comfortable. At the end of the visit, our team will provide you with tips about cleaning and storing your dentures. 

What Can I Expect After Getting Dentures?

It may take some time before you become completely comfortable with your new set of dentures. After a short while, however, they will begin to feel normal and natural. To help your full dentures feel more secure, Made Ya Smile may suggest using a small amount of dental adhesive, especially if you have dentures in the upper arches. Partial dentures are easily removable and attach to the teeth with metal clasps or resin. Our dentist and team will teach you how to care for the dentures to keep them in shape, especially how to clean them after every meal. We will also inform you about soaking the dentures at night to keep their shape and structure. Bring your dentures with you to your regularly scheduled appointments so we can monitor your oral health and polish away any stains that may have accumulated. When cared for properly, custom dentures can last for several years without needing a replacement.

Are Dentures Covered by Insurance?

Based on your plan, dental health insurance could cover part of the cost of teeth replacement and restorative treatment. The administrators at Made Ya Smile accept most PPO plans and will help make the most of your benefits. Custom dentures may be necessary to restore the health of your smile, which is why we work with you to create a care plan that meets your needs and budget. Our team offers several easy ways to pay, including low-interest financing with CareCredit®. 

Removable Tooth Replacement Options

Dentures are an excellent solution to tooth loss for patients who want a natural-looking, pleasant smile that makes it easy to speak, eat, and enjoy your favorite foods. Our dentist has years of experience helping individuals bring back the function and appearance of their teeth and improving their oral health. If you have lost several teeth or an arch due to damage or decay, contact Made Ya Smile in Missouri City, TX to learn more about your denture and tooth replacement options. 

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