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Dental issues such as cavities or decay actually weaken the foundation of your natural teeth. This is the result of oral bacteria producing acid that wears down the enamel of a tooth. Dr. Tuan (Anthony) Ly uses composite, tooth-colored fillings made from a strong, durable material to fix minor issues such as chipped teeth and fractures. In the past, it was common for patients to use amalgam or silver fillings, which the general health community now recognizes as a health risk. Instead, composite fillings offer a conservative approach because it doesn't require much removal of the tooth structure. For cavities and mild damage, a tooth-colored filling may be ideal, especially if you are looking to replace an amalgam filling. Reach out to a member of our staff in Missouri City, TX to learn more information.

Best Candidates

Composite resin is a great option, not only for its tooth-colored appearance but its restorative properties. These fillings are made from durable materials to treat teeth whether they sit in the back or the front of the mouth. It's ideal for patients ranging from children to adults to repair issues such as fractured, uneven, or chipped teeth. Dr. Ly helps patients rebuild the structure of their teeth and strengthen areas where damage has occurred. If you want to remove or replace your old silver or amalgam fillings, tooth-colored fillings also offer a more aesthetic look since it is shaded to match your adjacent teeth.

What To Expect

Placing a tooth-colored filling at Made Ya Smile is a quick procedure that typically takes only one visit to our clinic. Dr. Ly and his team take a gentle chairside approach to your treatment, offering sedation options if you are feeling nervous or uncomfortable. We begin by numbing the area with local anesthetics, then use our state-of-the-art dental equipment to remove any damaged or decayed areas of the tooth. Once we rinse and dry the tooth, we will pick a shade of composite material that matches the enamel of your tooth. We will set the filling with a curing light to harden it, then polish it for a smooth looking appearance. To finish the procedure, Dr. Ly will check your bite to make sure it is comfortable. 


Our team of assistants and dental hygienists will give you some instructions for taking care of your teeth at home. If you chose oral-conscious sedation at the start of the appointment, you will need a responsible driver to take you home afterward. We may ask you to avoid eating or drinking until the feeling returns to your cheeks, tongue, or lips to avoid soft tissue damage. Patients may feel some sensitivity in the teeth following the treatment, but if it does not resolve after a few days, reach out to our office. You can brush and floss your teeth as normal and continue to schedule regular appointments with Made Ya Smile. 

Insurance Coverage

As a restorative procedure, composite tooth-colored fillings may be covered by most dental insurance providers, especially if you have damage or decay. Made Ya Smile has a friendly administrative team who is happy to contact your insurer and file any claims on your behalf. We will also review your benefits and costs with you before beginning any treatment for fillings. If you have additional out-of-pocket costs, we offer several convenient ways to pay, including financing through CareCredit®.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Patients with mild or moderately damaged teeth can improve their overall oral health with tooth-colored composite fillings. Treating the tooth with a simple filling can reduce the risk for more complex, extensive care in the future. Dr. Ly and his staff use composite for its highly durable and aesthetic purposes, including the ability to blend in with your natural smile. If you have chipped, worn down, or uneven teeth and would like a custom consultation, contact Made Ya Smile to schedule your visit. 

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